Nick Tiernan
President, CSP
Nick is a Certified Snow Professional (CSP) through the leading industry Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA).

After working in the investment industry for several years, Nick never felt fulfilled at the end of the workday. Having previously owned a residential landscaping business and growing up with the foundation of strong work ethic and pride in job performance, the corporate "job" did not live up to the challenges and gratification of a lifetime career. With that motivation in mind, NERT, LLC was created. Now, with over 10 years of experience owning and operating a facilities maintenance company, he has found that the cornerstone to providing exceptional service includes personal and responsive communication and a commitment to doing a job well, no matter how big or small. As the founder and president of NERT, he makes every effort to instill such values in every employee that works with him. The ultimate goal for Nick is to offer an exemplary service and experience for his customers. He takes an immeasurable amount of pride in the work he does and the relationships he has built and continues to build. Nick lives in Wrentham, MA with his wife Meghan and their three young daughters.